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Our Story

Allegro Cultural Tours is about making our world a better place by creating meaningful travel experiences that connect people and culture.  It's about opening minds and hearts over shared encounters, exchanges, meals, and more.  It’s about spreading wings, broadening horizons, and deepening our sense of place wherever we go. 


This journey began decades ago when I ventured abroad with no cell phone or Google. I was in awe of the Swiss Alps, Tokyo, and villages in Peru.  Everything felt new and exciting!  I loved the diversity, languages, currencies, and culture.  Yet, my greatest inspiration and joy came from the people I met and spent time with.


Since then, life has taken turns, but I continue to connect the world through travel.  Along the way, I have sold elephant treks in Asia, studied culture and linguistics, taught ESL, run a restaurant, and been a tour operator specializing in music and performance tours for over 20 years.  I have led group tours for hundreds of delightful people! 


Allegro Cultural Tours is an exciting next step on my journey, but I am not alone. To every traveler, colleague, and friend, who asked “If not now, when?” I send my heartfelt gratitude for your encouragement and support. Allegro Cultural Tours is now ready to take you and your friends on a life-changing journey. Let’s go – New adventures are waiting for us!  

~ Fondly, Paige Betten, founder of Allegro Cultural Tours

A group of women walking in the desert carrying water.
Allegro Cultural Tours Connects the World
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We plan tours on every continent to the most fascinating destinations on earth.  Let us know where you want to go! 

Our tours are for groups who share a common interest, hobby, or passion.  Introduce us to your book club, band, art class, historical society, museum patrons, church, theater goers, dance troupe and more.  We'll create an inspiring custom itinerary.

No group?  No worries!  A selection of tours are for individuals to join.  After all, we're all about making new friends!​​

What Makes Us Special

Allegro Cultural Tours is special because of you!  When you entrust us to create the tour of your dreams, you give us a wonderful opportunity to spread joy, enhance lives, and build community. 

You work hard to make an impact and so do we.  In this spirit, we commit to serving you with the highest level of quality care and attention.  We take on only as many tours as we can handle, so your tour is always a priority and travelers know they are in experienced hands. 

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Carefully Crafted Custom Itineraries

Every tour we create starts with a theme, special interest, or passion. We may follow in the footsteps of a favorite author in England, take up tango in Argentina, learn to cook in Sicily, or sing in the greatest cathedrals of Europe.  We ask about your interests. Then, we craft an itinerary based on your vision, and bring it to life!  

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Handpicked Services and Guides

We want your tour to be perfect, so we handpick hotels and restaurants. If you prefer, we will arrange a stay in a castle, villa, luxury tent or moonlit cave. We plan fabulous meals!  As for guides, we carefully select the most knowledgeable, friendly and fun. Your guides will be an integral part of your tour and take excellent care of you!

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Enriching Cultural

Central to our purpose is cultural exchange. You may experience volunteering alongside community members, sharing in a meal or worship, performing a joint concert, or enjoying an art or cooking lesson. The encounters we arrange bring travelers together with local hosts for a shared experience. We truly are a global family!


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Your calls and emails are important to us!  We return all messages within 24 hours (when not on tour or in transit!) 

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